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"Organizing for busy people so you can focus on what matters most...."
Lets Get Organized
Phone Consultation
Hands On ( my most popular service)
This will allow us to introduce ourselves.  We will discuss your needs, goals and challenges.  This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you would like.  Then we will set up a time to do an in home assessment, scheduled at your convenience.
"Stuff driving you crazy?"
Exhausted after a day of work, and just want to relax; but there is so much stuff and things
to do, you can't!  Lets Get Organized Orlando, will help you give you a comfortable, relaxing home again, and help you keep it that way, with our many services.
Together we will tour your space, discuss your needs, goals, challenges, lifestyle, work-style, and what you want your space to look like.  I will develop a step by step project plan to reduce your clutter that will make sense to you.  Then we will set up a time to tackle the job and give you a space that works efficiently and meets your needs.

I know you have a busy life and would rather spend your time with family, friends, or other activities.  We can work side by side through the entire project, or after the sorting and purging phase is complete, your participation is optional.
Consultation, Coaching and Follow Up
After the consultation is compete, I will develop a detailed written plan to follow, that you know you can accomplish and maintain on a permanent basis.  I will follow up, check in periodically, give e-mail support, encouragement, until you accomplish your goals.  You will not be alone in this.  I will hold your hand on this journey, until we get organized.
  • Kitchens
  • Pantries
  • Bedrooms
  • Closets
  • Memorabilia/ Photos
  • Bathrooms
  • Kids Rooms
  • Play Rooms
  • Craft Rooms
Home Office
"I know it is here somewhere!"
More people are working from home than ever before.  It comes with its own challenges completely different from the corporate world.  This room can get the most cluttered the quickest, therefore 
becoming overwhelming.  
  • Do papers keep piling up until you give up?
  • Do you keep papers lying around so you don't neglect them?
  • Do bills go unpaid because you cannot find them?
  • Are you not sure what to keep, how long to keep it, or where to keep it?
  • Do you have post it notes all over as visual reminders?

I will teach you systems of how to deal with, accumulated bills, unanswered corespondent, junk mail, and those dreaded files. You will be able to find any piece of paper in seconds.  Finish routine filing in 5 seconds or less, and never have to decide when to throw away any old papers.

Did you know 80% of the papers we keep we never use or look at again.
  •  Office organizing
  • Sorting systems
  • Filing systems
  • Space planning
  • Office set-up/ Redesign
  • Supply Closets
  • Time management
Moving/ Relocating
"I am so overwhelmed, where do I begin?"

  • Are you planning to move?
  • Have you recently moved?
  • Cannot seem to get the box emptied?
  • Do not have the time to set-up?
  • How do I choose what to take and what not to?
  • Will my things fit in my new home?

My moving services are just what you need.  I understand moving and relocating is stressful and overwhelming for anyone without the right help. I will develop a move plan, customized for you that will make these choices easier.  I can pack or unpack, setup a room, or your entire home.  With my decorating background, I can assist you with furniture and accessory arrangement in a stylish manner.  
I can make the whole process go a lot smoother for you. 
"What do I keep? What do I let go of?"
  • How do I part with a lifetime of memories?
  • Why am I struggling to let go?
  • What are the best alternatives to getting rid of things?
  • How do I make this monumental decision without getting overwhelmed?
Empty nesters, retires, adult children who have parents with generations of stuff...These can be emotional and difficult decisions.  While holding your hand and with my plan I can make this process easier for you.
This is one service that can be a profitable experience for you?
Home Staging
"Do you want your home to sell faster and for a higher amount?"
Do to economic changes, it is now a buyers market.  A properly staged home 
has become more necessary to close the sale.  If your home has taken a long 
time to sell, there maybe a reason why.  My staging strategies help potential 
buyers envision themselves living in your space, thus keeping your home a front 
runner in their minds.  I will assist in design and redesign ideas for your home.
I also can brighten any room by providing my painting services.
The way you live
in your  home and 
the way you prepare
your home to sell
are two different 
Realtors. . . . . .Attention!!
     "If you could sell your listed homes faster 
      and for a better profit, why wouldn't you?"

  • I can declutter/ set-up your clients home for increased accessibility.
  • Prepare for sale.
  • I can help your clients downsize. 
  • Assist your clients with packing.
  • Give a fresh coat of paint for a clean look.
                               It may be a small amount of money out of your commission, 
                               but it is worth it.  You got the sale!  Call me or refer me to your client 
                               and together we will get their home sold and a commission in your pocket faster.
 Call Lisa Showers at (407) 339-4338 or                               

Win! Win! Win!
Refer my services
and I will feature 
you as 
Realtor of the month.